Reaxtor 3D

Our First Two Games - Drop-Up and Reaxtor 3D

Specializing in 3D-spin mobile puzzle games for iPad and iPhone.  “3D Spin” means you can rotate the game environment in any direction to view it from the top, bottom, sides or back.   Only by allowing this 360-degree view can a game truly be called 3D.  Give one of our games a try today to see the incredible graphics, intuitive user interface and addictive game play. 

We are super excited about our most recent release, Reaxtor 3D on November 22, 2011.  This title is sure to be in the top lists on the App Store soon.  We have received terrific feedback that its addictive play, fantastic graphics and huge range of challenge make it a necessary addition to any i-device. This is not a mindless game, it takes thought and strategy to win but you can start slow and work your way up to mind-stretching 3D play.  You will definitely want to boast your position on the Game Center leader board.  Where other games show you’ve got too much time on your hands, this one shows you’ve got the muscle between the ears to think and play in real 3D.  Can your friends keep up?  There’s only one way to find out.  In fact there is so much top-end challenge in this 3D puzzle game that some have yet to be solved by man or machine.  Even more, we are offering cash and prizes to the first person to solve one of the unsolved puzzles.  Click the banner to the left for details.

Our first game Drop-Up, released in December of 2010 is an offense/defense puzzle game where four in a row in ANY direction wins.  A 3D version of the globally popular game Connect-4, you can play against your friends or the computer.   But in Drop-Up you can drop your game piece from any of the six sides of a cube and defy gravity by passing it to the far side. With a choice of 5x5x5 or 7x7x7 boards you can dial-up the challenge to play against up to three computer challengers.  There are even two flat boards to dial down the challenge as you are starting out.  Click on one of the images above for more detail.

About RiMetric Games

RiMetric Games was founded in 2010 as an independent developer of puzzle games for leading mobile devices. Focusing on 3D environments and landscapes, RiMetric Games enables players to enter a whole new dimension of entertainment by providing a diverse lineup of titles for gamers of all ages and skill levels while utilizing the incredible power and convenience of mobile technology. Based in Portland, Oregon, RiMetric Games are available for immediate download from the App Store.